Where can I purchase Pure Vape products?

You can find licensed shops approved by the BCC on our website under Find Us.

Can I buy Pure Vape products in bulk, directly?

If you are a licensed and compliant dispensary, you can reach out to sales@purevapeofficial.com for any sales inquiries.

If I’m outside of the US can I have your product delivered? / If I’m outside of California can I have your product delivered?

Although we do offer delivery through third parties (ie: Ganjarunner) we do not deliver out of state.

We do not operate outside of the US or outside of California.

When and where are your Demo Days?

You can find all of our Demo Days on our website. We post the whole month in advance and update it whenever we schedule more!

What are the ingredients used for your products?

Here at Pure Vape we are transparent about what goes into our products. You don't need to worry if you bought our product from a licensed dispensary! 

If you go to the Lab Tests section of our website, you will find hyperlinks for each product to find the information you need.

Do your vapes have any vitamin E acetate or pesticides?

At Pure Vape we are committed to quality, consistency and safety.  

All Pure Vape product formulations contain only natural cannabis oil and terpenes that occur naturally in the cannabis plant.

How can I tell if this is a counterfeit?

The only way to ensure you received an authentic Pure Vape product is if you purchased it from a BCC-approved, licensed dispensary which you can find on our Find Us page.

My product is not working, what should I do / how can you help me?

If for some reason you get a defective product (it happens, no one’s perfect) please reach out to inquiries@purevapeofficial.com with the following information:

  • Licensed Dispensary you purchased our product
  • Receipt of purchase
  • Date of purchase
  • Product that is defective
  • What is defective about it
  • A photo attachment 

*Please note that any defects 15 days after purchase will not be honored for a Return & Exchange*

*Please note that any defects purchased from non-compliant / non-licensed dispensaries will not be honored for a Return & Exchange*


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