Wally Drops

Wally Drops


Blueberry (THC)
Grape (THC)
Pina Colada (THC)
Raspberry (THC)
Strawberry Cheesecake (THC)
Cherry (CBD)
Peach (CBD)
Honey (CBD)
Passion Fruit (CBD)
Watermelon (THC and CBD)
Tangerine (THC and CBD)
Available in 50mg and 100mg
No food coloring
Extreme potency

Every batch of Wally Drops is hand crafted with Pure's 100% natural cannabis oil. Available in both 100mg (10mg per lozenge) and 50mg (2.5mg per lozenge) of THC in delicious flavors/ Wally Drops are the tasty way to micro-doze.

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